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Benefits of membership

Membership of SAGI is a gateway to the following benefits;

Networking opportunities

Brand recognition

Access to information

Peer recognition

Gateway to job and career opportunities

Mark of quality in the profession

Access to advisory notes

Membership Categories

SAGI Membership consists of the following categories.

Honorary life member (Voting)

Any person shall be eligible for election as a honorary life member who has rendered outstanding service to the industry or has reached a position of eminence in the field of Geomatics, as deemed by the SAGI council.

Full member (Voting)

Any Technologist who is registered with SAGC – The Statutory Licencing Council.

Affiliate member (Non –Voting)

At the sole discretion of the SAGI EXCO.

Retired (Voting)

A member may change his status to that of Retired after application to and approval by the EXCO and may only carry a vote if such member was entitled to vote prior to retirement.

Professional member (Voting)

A Professional Geomatics Practitioner who is registered with SAGC – the Statutory Licensing Council.

Associate member (Voting)

Any Technician who is registered with SAGC – The Statutory Licencing Council.

Student (Non –Voting)

A person who is registered at an institution of higher learning as defined in the SAGI Rules or doing articles and who intends to qualify for a higher grade of membership, shall be eligible for election as a student as prescribed in the SAGI Rules.


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