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The Planning, Creation and Maintenance of Property requires the services of a Professional Land Surveyor – by Law. If you require a Subdivision, Consolidation, Land Audit Report, Planning application, Beacon Relocation, Removal of Restrictive Conditions in Title Deeds, then you need the expertise and services of a Professional Land Surveyor.

The diagrams, general plan and sectional title plan surveyed and prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor describes and defines the limits and extent of real rights relating to property and forms the basis for security of title. It is also the foundation for the registration of rights in the Deeds Registry and recording land use rights in town planning schemes. A Professional Land Surveyor is the custodian of one of man’s most valuable assets.

Security of title is of great economic importance to the property community; it is a safeguard against disputes relating to boundaries, land rights, ownership and law-suits. Security of title forms a foundation of the credit system, and is indispensable for the development of the property industry. It is linked to property rates, land use, land values and agricultural productivity. Security of title protects the property owner, bond-holder and developer. The better the title of a property is secured, the greater is the capital that can be raised on the security thereof.

A Professional Land Surveyor is a “property professional” on whom owners and developers can rely for expertise on property development matters.

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