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The Subdivision and Consolidation of land can only be undertaken through the services of a Professional Land Surveyor who prepares the necessary records (planning and Survey) in terms of the requirements of the Land Survey Act and other legislation

Land is a heavily regulated area of society, and the subdivision or consolidation of land is no different. Various statutory applications to get consent are needed. Different “rules” apply to different pieces of land – for example farm land can have some additional consents that land in an urban area would not require. Land next to provincial or national roads is another example where different laws apply. Locally and Provincially the laws can be different as well.

A professional Land Surveyor will routinely make planning applications, in terms of various laws (including SPLUMA legislation) to subdivide of consolidate the land as well as conduct the needed survey.

The Professional Land Surveyor holds a distinct financial advantage over all other professionals in that they are skilled and competent to undertake all the planning needed as well as the only professional that can actually undertake the survey, thereby offering a cost effective and more efficient service.

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