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Professional land Surveyors, in terms of the Sectional Titles Act, establish the sectional title scheme and deal with all the issues of changes to the complex/estate/scheme over time. Owners of sections in a sectional title scheme, as with freehold property, continuously make improvements and alterations and these changes need recording and updating on the relevant sectional title plans so that your investments remain protected.

Where changes occur in that the building works is such that the section is expanded, then a Professional Land Surveyor will need to update the Sectional Title records to protect your investment and update the Participation Schedule as well.

Sectional title surveys also cater for other circumstances such as consolidation of sections, creating new sections, Exclusive use, subdivision of sections and even in some cases the destruction of sections.

In most cases, the typical consumer is interested in the services of a Professional Land Surveyor to amend the sectional title plans to reflect changes in the section.

Not every Professional Land Surveyor can undertake Sectional Title work – A Professional Land Surveyor must pass an examination set by the Chief Surveyor General before they may practice in and submit records to the Surveyor Generals Office in respect of Sectional Title matters.

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