Land audits, Investigations, Title Deeds and certificates
Spatial and Land Rights specialist
Drone / Aerial Mapping
A drone is simply a Technology commonly associated with an Aerial Mapping exercise. Aerial Mapping can also be done by other means – the result is all the same, a Mapping exercise based on survey principles of photogrammetry to create a picture/topographical map of the area and provide for the creation of Countors. Drones just happen to be a cheaper resource cost that getting a large aircraft in the air.
Road, Pipeline and Powerline Surveys
Cadastral Surveys
Geographic Information Services
A Professional GISc practitioner or a GISc Technologist is involved in any company, organisation or organ of state that has spatial data needs. Data, both visual and non-visual is a valuable commodity which can be enhanced in one’s business to improve efficiencies, decision making and profits / returns.
Beacon - Boundary and Encroachment Surveys
The Planning, Creation and Maintenance of Property requires the services of a Professional Land Surveyor – by Law. If you require a Subdivision, Consolidation, Land Audit Report, Planning application, Beacon Relocation, Removal of Restrictive Conditions in Title Deeds, then you need the expertise and services of a Professional Land Surveyor.
Sectional Title Surveys
SPLUMA : Development / Planning Applications
Topographical Surveys
A topographical survey is an accurate depiction of a site (property, area of land, defined boundary) which is scaled and detailed to show all the natural and manmade features and their levels (height). A topographical survey is highly detailed and requires the involvement of geomatics professionals to ensure the accuracy of the data provided. This data is supplied on a plan in either hard copy or electronic format and can be directly imported into a GIS system. Engineers, planners, architects and other professionals use this data for planning, design and decision making purposes.
3D Laser Scanning Surveys
Buildings Information Management Systems (BIM)


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