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“The purpose of the science of measurement is to create order! Without the ability to measure there will be chaos. Imagine not having standardized lengths, areas, heights, or the ability to spatially position objects within space. In such circumstances an owner of landed property (property) will for example not know what property he/she owns, where it is positioned, what the size thereof is, or what legislation finds application.

The professional Land Surveyor’s study of the science of measurement and of property law allows the administration and management of man’s most precious possession, it being land. When property is owned by a person, the extent thereof and the rights, restrictions, and responsibilities therein, is filed and spatially presented in an orderly manner. This spatial representation is done by way of accurate diagrams, maps, plans and written words. The orderly filing and the spatial representing thereof is called the “cadaster”.

However, the interpretation of the spatial representation of rights, restrictions, and responsibilities in land, is not easily interpreted, hence is not always understood, or known to landowners. It is also not easily reflected physically on a land parcel by the unqualified, which in turn results in encroachments over encumbrances and transgression of land restrictions. For this reason, the management and administration of mentioned rights are governed by law, and only a professional Land Surveyor has legal authority to give opinion statements on the spatial positioning of these rights, when acting in a quasi-judicial capacity as provided for in legislation. For these reasons it is essential to retain the services of a professional Land Surveyor before a property is developed, sold, or purchased.

A professional land surveyor is the only qualified professional who can unpack and report on rights, restrictions, and responsibilities in property when:
  • a land audit certificate is required before a property is purchased or sold (which is advised considering that property is a major investment);
  • a planning application is required e.g. change the zoning or usage right of the property;
  • property is to be developed or improved;
  • property is to be divided into portions;
  • the physical position of a property boundary(ies) or corner beacons are uncertain
  • servitude or other rights in or over a property is required to be created; and
  • an explanatory report on the content of a Title Deed, land use guidelines or zoning is required.

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